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First and foremost we have perfected residential and have been doing it for 50 years.  Residential may be easier than commercial wiring it is still an ever-changing market.  We use only the best material in the market.  99% of all electrical boxes have a 2 hour fire rating for piece of mind and quality for the life of your home.

For electrical panels we use SquareD Homeline and for the electrical boxes we use a fiberglass Allied moulded box.  For the switches and receptacles we use Leviton devices.

There are two ways to fasten the wire to the device.  1st is to stab the wire in the back of the device which some electrical companies do.  Stabbing the wire creates a pressure connection which over time will loosen and eventually results in a bad connection and can potentially cause a fire.  The 2nd way is to wrap or loop the wire around the screw and tighten the screw to the wire and this is the method we prefer.

There are many ways to electrically customize your home.  Down below are several ways when you are building a new home.  Take advantage and choose what is right for you and your needs and desires.

  1. choose the type of receptacles and switches you prefer.
  2. add usb receptacle in your kitchen, family room, bedrooms or garage to conveniently charge your electronic devices.
  3. add receptacle with built in night lights in your bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, and hall ways to illuminate the footpath at night to minimize the waste of electricity of other lights.  I personally recommend this and you won’t be disappointed.
  4. add a whole house surge protector right in your electrical panel to avoid damages to electronics caused by surges in your home.
  5. we can install a generator plug outside for a portable generator or if you prefer we can install a standby whole house generator to insure your home does not freeze and protect your water pipes and your food items in your fridge when your away from your home.  The generator plug is definitely the easiest and cheapest of the two options.  We recommend this one for everyone who is has experienced power outages.
  6. upgrade your recess lighting from incandescent bulbs to led retrofit trims.  This will significantly reduce the cost of electricity and save time and money changing bulbs. I recommend using led bulbs from the start to reduce expense and hassle for later.
  7. consider adding dedicated circuits for an extra fridge or freezer in the garage for her and maybe an extra circuit for tools or a heater for him.              

Renaissance Point (Bottle Works) of Fort Wayne est. project $185,000 starting Oct. 2017.

CME will have the privilege to work with Miller-Valentine Construction surrounding the historic Coca-Cola Bottle Works at 1631 E Pontiac St. in Fort Wayne.  The scope of this project includes 19 single family dwelling homes with detached garages.  We looking forward in helping to building new homes in this neighborhood.  We will post jobsite photos as this project continues.

It is truly rewarding seeing and knowing that we were involved in making this neighborhood great again.

Working on the homes for the Bottle Works project brings a sense of joy knowing that we are helping to improve the landscape of the neighborhood.   We are helping to fill the void between homes.  I can’t wait until the first batch of homes are complete and people start moving in to call it their home.  The smiles and character of the people that will occupy these homes will be exciting to witness knowing that we had a big part the process.


Inmar (Indianapolis) $150,000  proposed job. completed summer of 2017

This particular job included over 20 forklift chargers, over 100 receptacles for computers, conveyor circuits, control boxes for conveyors and much more.


Pattersons Do It Best (New Haven, In.) est project $20,000. prox. 8 week time frame

Pattersons had a complete overhaul done with their lighting from flourescent to LED.  The new lighting made a vast difference and brightened up the inside.  It was like a brand new store again and lets not to forget to mention the cost saving on their electric bill.  They also had us change outside wall packs and sign light to LED as well.

before                                                                   before                                                               after                                                                        after

before                                                        after                                                            after                                                               after


Union 12 (a.k.a. reception hall) MBN Properties. est. cost $50,000 started fall 2017, ending spring 2018

This is an exciting project for us. It will be a basic wiring job but knowing MBN Properties everything about it will say GRAND.  The Folks at MBN has a big imagination. It will take coordination from both MBN and CME to turn this Union 12 into an awesome Hall. stay tuned for more on this job